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Outdoor Ideas for Foodies This Year

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Summer is the best time to have some friends round on the weekend for a barbecue or for eating outside with your family throughout the week, but the sun doesn’t have to stop when the seasons change. Using the best outdoor equipment in the article below, you can maintain your lifestyle year long.


When it comes to outdoor eating, a barbecue is essential! Barbecues are available with electric elements, charcoal, or gas, and each option offers something different in terms of flavours and cooking times. If you don’t have a barbecue or you need to update an existing one, choose a versatile one. 

The most versatile barbecues are combination ones that have charcoal, gas, and electric capabilities – many of them also double as a smoker, but of course, these are at the higher end of the market. If in doubt, choose a barbecue that has a charcoal option, so you always get a smoky flavour.  


If you love the smoky taste of beef, pork, or chicken on the barbecue during the summer, then a smoker is an excellent choice. Smokers are available online and in many home depot stores, making them easy to research and buy. Smokers are best for slow-cooking meat on the patio. 

When you attempt to cook beef brisket or whole chicken on the barbecue, you will most likely run into problems. Often a barbecue is simply too hot to cook the meat from the inside resulting in low-quality food or wasted meat. Conversely, meat cooked in a smoker can heat up slowly while you enjoy the sun. 

Fire Pits 

As summer turns to autumn and the air starts to cool, you might be thinking it’s time to take in the patio furniture and put the barbecue in the garage for another season – but not so fast. Autumn – and even winter – might have cooler temperatures, but there are still some great ways to eat. 

You can get portable fire pits that are a large pan-like device with legs and plenty of room for wooden logs and slow-burning firelighters. With a fire pit in the centre of your garden, you can sit around it for hours, even in the colder months, and extend your outdoor eating lifestyle well into the winter.     


If you’re a true outdoor foodie, you know the merits of having a canopy over your patio; the last thing you want is for your evening meal to be disturbed by rain, however light. Instead, you can simply enjoy the sound of the rain on the roof as you continue to eat, drink, and chat until late. 

But even if you have a canopy, some of them are better than others. On the lower end of the market, you have tent-like gazebos that give you excellent coverage but aren’t always attractive or long-lasting. At the other end of the market, there are hard-top gazebos and sliding-roof ones.


When the natural light starts to fade, and you aren’t finished with your drinks and conversations, you need some solar lights to come on just in time. Solar lighting with a strong capacity is best for patio meals because they charge all day effortlessly, and they are completely free to operate. 

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