Hi! I’m Lou, a blogger and freelance writer from Nottingham. I have been blogging on my lifestyle and family blog for over ten years now and recently decided to start Notes From a Kitchen to share my love for food and wine!

I have one daughter, one husband, a dog and a cat and I am in my (later!) 30’s.

We all absolutely love good food and we generally eat really well as a family with the odd takeaway thrown in. My husband is a brilliant cook so we’re really lucky to have amazing home-cooked meals most nights and my daughter and I enjoy baking at the weekends.

We would really love to live in Spain one day, at least for a little bit – we adore the tapas and pintxos and the beautiful country and the three of us actually did a road trip around Spain and Portugal for our honeymoon when our daughter was 3! Our favourite places were probably San Sebastian, Seville, Logrono and Porto and we’re desperate to go back and eat more chorizo and tortilla!

I am also really into health and wellness, and I love finding more natural remedies or products that can help with my health and help me to live a more balanced life. However, I usually go to bed too late and I drink too much wine and cups of tea. I also take lots of supplements, drink a lot of water, eat coconut oil, drink lemon water, and make my own healthy chocolate. It’s all about balance for me but I do want to go to bed earlier more often, exercise more consistently and not drink quite so much wine or gin and tonics!

I feel so grateful that I get to do this blogging lark full-time around school runs and family time. I have been lucky enough to work with lots of brands; both big and small, and I love working hard to create content that we are both happy with.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to get in touch with me you can email me at notesfromakitchen@gmail.com

Lou xx