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Indoor and Outdoor Dining Made Simple

Food is so important to us all. But it’s the dining experience that can turn a dull dinner into a wonderful family meal. Most of us enjoy sitting at the table together in the evening. The kids have been at school all day, and the grown-ups have been at the office. The family meal is the place where everyone can focus on enjoying their time at home. It doesn’t matter whether your family is big or small or even if you’re a great cook. The food is just a small part of the dining experience.

If you’re having some great weather at the moment, you might be eating out in your garden more. Rattan dining sets are incredibly comfortable and enhance the style of your garden. But you don’t have to stretch to the expense to enjoy eating in your own backyard. Why not pop a blanket on the lawn and enjoy a relaxed picnic? You can bring out the different foods on trays. A simple parasol can keep the sun off the little ones. And you can make the most of finger foods together.

Your garden can also be the source of your meals. Growing your own is easier than ever these days. You don’t need much room either. It’s easy to find soft fruit bushes for sale, and in just a few seasons you could be enjoying the freshest healthy snacks you’ve ever tasted. Lots of different fruits and vegetables will grow happily in a British garden. You can use tubs and containers or even hanging baskets if you’re short on space. Always wash your produce before eating it.

Growing your own can enhance your indoor dining experience too. It can even make cooking more fun. Imagine nipping out to your own herb garden for that little pinch of basil. Or ask your little one to pull up a fresh carrot for the salad. Once it’s washed, you can add it to your recipe and enjoy a fresh and healthy meal with all the family. And if you love a truly vegetarian diet, you can always add some Quorn to your tasty dishes. It could be the perfect addition to your home-grown ingredients.

Indoor dining can still be fresh. You can bring the garden inside. Your flowers could decorate the table in a vase or as part of a centrepiece display. The colours from your garden may inspire your decor in the dining room too. The scent of the flowers can fill the room with lovely aromas, making your dining experience even more enjoyable.

The kids will love having an indoor picnic. Why not set out your dishes on a blanket on the floor? You can always lay a plastic sheet underneath it if you’re worried about the carpet. Dining indoors and out can be lots of fun. You don’t have to stick to the same routines or even the same room to eat in. We mix up our meals each day, so why not mix up the venue? Do you love to dine indoors or outdoors?


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