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Living Comfortably During Home Renovations

There’s nothing more exciting than making the decision to renovate your home. Whether you start with the kitchen or you head to one of the bedrooms first, renovations can take a lot of time, and money and they can take a toll on your living situation. 

You want to be able to enjoy your renovations, but when you’ve moved all of your things to a unit with, and you feel like you’re living among a building site, it can feel a little bit difficult to appreciate what you’re doing. The stress of a renovation is one thing, but you do need to know how to live among that building site while it’s being built. With this in mind, here are some of the best tips that we’ve got to help you to continue living in your home while it’s being renovated.


  • Storage is your friend. We’ve already mentioned moving all your things into a storage unit, but most contractors will ask you to clear the area completely including your furniture. Rolling up the rug and getting it stored away is going to be far better for it than leaving it in there and allowing it to gather dust. You want to make sure that the changes that you’re making make your house look good, but you don’t want to have your furniture ruined in the process. Choosing a storage unit is a good idea because it’s a place you can leave all of your things safely and securely.

  • Contain the chaos where you can. Instead of renovating the entire house at once, go room by room. It may feel like a long and drawn-out process like this, but it’s so much easier not to use one room than to not be able to use an entire floor of the house. If you go for one room at a time you are going to contain all of the chaos that goes on when you are renovating. That means all of the plaster and dust and paint stays in one area rather than get scattered throughout the house.

  • Make sure you have a backup kitchen. If you’re planning to renovate the kitchen, which most people do start with, make sure you have a mini kitchen available for you to cook, wash dishes and make your morning coffee. Stock the area with disposable plates and cups so that you have a much easier cleanup. If your kitchen is being renovated through the summer, make use of your barbeque grill. You can get most of your cooking done outside.

  • Get the kids involved. We’re not talking about getting the kids involved with the renovation, but they can help you pack some things up and they can help you by staying away from the area that’s being renovated. Disruption of routine can be upsetting to some children, but that doesn’t mean you should let them be underfoot in a construction area. Renovations do take some time, so it might take some getting used to for everybody.

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