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How to Winter-Proof Your Home


Is your home winter-proof? In other words, can the seasons change outside, and you notice very little difference in the quality of your home life? If the answer to this is no, it might be time to upgrade your insulation and install some heavy curtains to keep your energy bills under control.  

Insulate Pipes 

When the weather turns cold, your home is at risk of burst pipes and flooding. This is one of the main reasons people have to call a plumber over the busy festive period; it is inconvenient and expensive. There is an easy way to avoid these issues, simply insulate your home water pipes. 

Most homes have water pipes in the basement; there are copper pipes that connect the boiler to the kitchen and bathrooms. Residual water can collect in the pipes and freeze; when this happens, they can expand and crack. Use foam insulation to cover them and maintain warmth. 

Check Boiler 

There’s never a bad time to check your boiler efficiency; it prevents expensive callouts and helps to reduce your energy bills. Still, one of the best times to check your boiler is in the autumn before the cold weather sets in. A boiler should be checked at least once a year. 

Unfortunately, checking a boiler is not something you can do yourself; you need a special boiler technician to look at it for legal purposes. In some ways, this is an advantage; it means that a professional can pick up on any issues that you might miss with your untrained eye and efforts.   

New Insulation 

It is expensive to generate heat in the home, especially nowadays when the cost of energy is substantially more than it was last year. Although heat is expensive to generate, it is also easy to lose; heating can easily seep out of windows, doors, roofs, and even the walls in your home. 

Before the winter sets in, make sure your home is properly insulated with 100mm Loft Roll; since heat rises, loft roll prevents it from escaping from the roof and gives you better fuel economy overall. If you don’t know what insulation you currently have, check out the loft. 

Heavy Curtains 

Installing new insulation for your home can be time-consuming and often requires some professional assistance. While this is still worth the effort to winter-proof your home for now and future years, there are also some more convenient and cheaper options to choose from. 

Hanging heavy curtains in your living room is an excellent way to trap the heat you generate and prevent it from escaping through the glass. Heavy curtains are affordable to buy and easy to install. Along with proper insulation, heavy curtains help to reduce your home energy bills.   

Final Thoughts  

The winter is cold and inhospitable outside, but it shouldn’t be like that in your home. Still, some people experience a cold home in winter or higher energy bills because of system inefficiencies. If you haven’t looked at your energy systems for a while, now is the time for a new upgrade

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