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Healthy Microwave Meals That Are Quick and Good For You

Are you keen to eat healthy meals and ensure that your family is eating healthier at the same time? You’re not alone in this desire. A lot of people are keen to get on a healthy living plan. However, there’s a problem here. You might not have a lot of time each day to prepare meals for your family. There are plenty of ways around this of course. For instance, you could use a slow cooker. Slow cookers will allow you to cook the food through the day so it’s ready for the evening. Or, you might want to explore some healthy microwaveable meals. Cooking food in the microwave is fast and easy, but it can also be healthy. Here are some fantastic microwaveable choices that prove this. 



Are you looking for a meal that is delicious, spicy and healthy? So, then you might want to try a jambalaya. This could go down a treat with your family and it can be whipped up in the microwave. You find lots of recipes online for this particular meal. But, if you want to add to the heat, you can make it extra spicy with both cajun seasoning as well as chorizo sausage. Forget cooking chilli over a stove on a hot day. This one is the ideal alternative. 

Prawns WIth Pea Risotto And Courgettes 

If your family isn’t a fan of the heat, then you can try a different dish in the microwave like this option. You can prepare it in just under thirty minutes using a microwave. So, it’s never going to take up a lot of your time which is great news. If you don’t have any lovers of seafood in your family, then you can also switch the prawns for chicken. It’s still a delicious option that works well together. 

O’Leekie Bacon & Fish 

Fish is a great option for your diet. It gives you the right oils that your body needs and is packed full of healthy fats. As such, you should have at least one fish meal on your weekly diet plan. This option is a great choice. You can stick it in the microwave and serve up scoops of it for your family. The dish can be prepared with a variety of different types of fish. However, the most popular option is either haddock or cod. However, we do encourage you to explore other choices to find the right one for your family. 


This is often going to be a popular choice for families who are exploring the takeaway menu. However, there’s no need to order this from a takeaway place. Instead, you can save yourself some money and ensure that you are picking a healthy meal by preparing it in the comfort of your own home. You can make a vegetable biryani and cook it in the microwave for under 20 minutes. You can even think about serving it with roasted cashew nuts for an extra hit of flavour. You can prepare this in the oven if your microwave isn’t working. But do check what’s wrong before you give in. It might just need a new bulb. If you’re wondering how to change a microwave light bulb, the good news is it’s easier than you think. 

Scrambled Eggs

You can also think about starting the morning right with some delicious scrambled eggs. While this might seem like a plain dish it can provide you with the protein you need for a busy schedule. You can also serve these eggs with salsa for a little extra flavour. 

Stuffed Potatoes

Another healthy meal choice for the microwave is stuffed potatoes. We know what you’re thinking here – stuffed potatoes aren’t healthy. Well, as is often the case, it depends on what ingredients you use and what you put in them. If you pack a potato with cheese and butter, it’s never going to be a great choice. However, you can substitute some of these ingredients for different options. For instance, you could top the potato with tuna, provolone cheese as well as basil. While this might seem unconventional, it will deliver a delicious flavour guaranteed to delight your taste buds. You can serve with this a green mixed salad just in case you are looking for some extra healthy points. 

As you can see, there are some fantastic meal choices that are microwaveable. That means that you can use this appliance for more than just prepackaged foods that are filled with sugar. It can be a great tool in your fight to get healthy. 

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