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3 Party Ideas For Your Partner’s Birthday

Whilst you and your partner probably like some alone time on each other’s birthdays, you might also have friends and family who you like to see on such occasions. Even if you aren’t as excited about the idea of birthdays as you were when you were a child, it’s still nice to get together with the people who matter in your life. That’s why you should organise something special for your partner’s birthday to show them how much you care. Here are 3 party ideas for their special day.


An extravagant meal

When it comes to organising a birthday party, it can be tough to think of ideas that suit somebody’s specific tastes. But everybody loves food. The perfect party idea for your partner’s birthday could be an extravagant meal out at a sophisticated dining establishment. Square Meal UK offer private group dining so you could have your own space to celebrate with all your family and friends to make it really special.

It’s the kind of night out that best suits somebody who loves to be wined and dined. If that sounds like your partner then this could be the ideal venue for their birthday party.

A garden party

If your partner’s birthday takes place during spring or summer then a garden party could be the perfect way to celebrate the occasion. There’s nothing like being surrounded by the beauty of nature on a sunny day to put everyone in a good mood. There are also countless activities that can be arranged for a garden party. You could play bowling, football, or even get a giant lawn chess set for everyone to enjoy.

The outdoor setting also gives you lots of room for live music if you want to hire a band for the day. A garden is the perfect setting for a birthday party. It might be an event for more than just the two of you, but it’ll mean a lot to your partner that you put so much effort into organising the event.

A beach party

Another great event that you could plan for your partner’s next birthday is a beach party. Maybe the earlier idea of a garden party didn’t sound exciting enough, or perhaps you think that your partner would simply prefer to get away from the house on their birthday.

Whatever the case, a beach party could be the perfect way to celebrate their special day. And when you’ve got an entire beach at your disposal, there’s a lot more space for activities than there would be in your back garden.

Of course, you need to think about things such as food. You won’t have your kitchen or a restaurant at your disposal, so you’ll need to bring food with you for the event. Bring lots of simple snacks such as crisps, sandwiches and sausage rolls that can be served on paper plates.

You might even want to have a BBQ on the beach (assuming that you’re allowed to do so on the beach you choose). The feasibility of that all depends on how many people would be attending, of course. It might be easier to just head to a restaurant after a day at the beach.

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