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How to Eat & Drink What You Love

If you are anything like me, there are a few things in life that you really love to eat and drink. I’m talking about things like delicious chocolate, refreshing wine, a good cup of coffee, or a nice portion of freshly cooked chips. Of course, eating and drinking such things in moderation is perfectly acceptable as a part of a balanced diet, but sadly too much of some food and drink items can harm our health. Happily, there are some healthy swaps you can make that will allow you to still enjoy the food and beverages you, love. In fact, you can read all about them in my post below. 


I challenge anyone to refuse when someone offers them a portion of perfectly cooked chips from the fish shop. You know the ones that are just slightly brown on the edges, light and fluffy on the inside, drenched in vinegar with a sprinkling of salt! In fact, just writing about them is making my mouth water right now! 

Of course, the occasional bag of chips (along with a nice bit of battered fish) is fine, but it’s well known that you can’t eat such delicious morsels every day because they are deep-fried! Happily, there are some almost as yummy, but way healthier alternatives you can try.


One option in particular that can work very well is to cook your own chips at home. I’m not talking about the ones that bung in the oven either but cooking them from scratch. Don’t worry though as you don’t need a deep fat fryer, and it’s not even that time consuming or difficult of a process either. 

In fact, all you need to do is to cut your chips and then add them along with a single teaspoon of oil to an air fryer. Some even have paddles that will turn them as they cook, ensuring that you can a nice even bake. Of course, such chips will not only taste delicious but will have vastly less oil in as well, meaning they are a much healthier option for regular meals. 


Is there anything better than a cold glass of wine on a hot day? Maybe while putting your feet up in the garden and enjoying the sunshine. Of course not! However, drinking even a single glass of wine every day can get you perilously close to your safe weekly allowance, something that if you exceed can lead to all sorts of serious health issues. 


To that end, it is well worth finding a drink that is as equally as refreshing, but that is also alcohol-free. Of course, if you can crow-bar some of your five a day in there as well, you will be doing yourself even more good! 

With that in mind, why not mix up a batch of sparkling pineapple juice, and add pineapple chunk and springs of mint. You can even use low-calorie lemonade to make it even better for you. Just chill and served over crushed ice, or if you are feeling really fancy, add a few smashed raspberries too, and you will have a thirst-quenching summer drink that is a much healthier alternative to vino.  


Whether you go to your local coffee shop or make your own at home, a lovely milky latte can really hit the spot when you need to take a coffee break. Drink more than one though and you may start to notice some of the less desirable effects of all that caffeine kicking in. In fact, too much caffeine can result in difficulty sleeping, muscle tremors, and increased anxiety, which no matter how good the drink is, are a tradeoff, most people aren’t willing to make. 


Luckily, there is a way that you can continue to enjoy your favourite milky coffee treats in a healthier way, and it’s by using organic decaf coffee beans instead of traditional caffeinated ones. In fact, because you can buy beans that have been decaffeinated, rather than just a coffee product you get to retain all of the rituals including that wonderful ground bean smell when you make your beverage, without having to worry about the adverse effects on your health.  


There are a few people in this world that don’t love chocolate, but they do tend to be a rare occurrence. However, those of us to whom chocolate is life are faced with a daily conundrum of indulging our desires or choosing a healthier snack instead. That is until some bright spark came up with the idea of dark chocolate bars with superfoods added to them! 

Now, of course, I’m not saying that you can eat this ad infinitum. However, darker chocolate does have way less sugar, and more tryptophan so less should boost your mood more effectively than the milk kind. In fact, if you can swap your candy bar and milk chocolate addiction for a few pieces of over 75% dark instead, you can undoubtedly make a massive difference to your health. 


Crispy, crunchy, salty, fatty bites of deliciousness, crisps are one of the UK’s most popular foods. In fact, it seems that we will happily eat them along with a sandwich as part of a meal, or even just on their own as a snack. 

Unfortunately, with an alarming amount of sugar and fat in each bag, potato crisps certainly aren’t the healthiest option you can pick. OK, so you can get some varieties that have fewer overall calories now, such as corn snacks, but an even better alternative is to cook up your own at home. 

In fact, by using either the oven or your air fryer, you can make delicious home-cooked crisps with a fraction of the fat and none of the sugar at all. 


You can even flavour them yourself with chilli, salt, or invest in other flavourings like cheese powder. Alternatively, why not pop your own corn and have that instead! You can use the flavourings on that too making it not only a super health swap for crisps but a super tasty one as well that the whole family is bound to love. 

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